Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We understand that your privacy is very important and therefore we pay special attention in securing your personal data. This privacy policy applies to you if you book and/or purchase our services or provide your personal data in any other way. This includes also using our website or communication with us through social media channels.

1. Controller

Company: Hiecca Travel Development
Address: Honkatie 1 B 01400 Vantaa, Finland
Telephone: +358 45 203 1966

2. Contact person for the personal data register

Tuula Mieskonen,

3. Name of the register

Customer register of Hiecca Travel Development

4. Lawfulness of prosessing personal data

Personal data saved in Hiecca Travel Development (hereinafter Hiecca Travel) customer register is being used for maintaining and developing customer relations and implementing services. Personal data is also used in handling invoicing and statistical purposes. Legal basis of personal data use is controller’s lgitimate interests and legal obligations.

Data might also be collected also for marketing purposes where the legal basis of personal data use is approval. The registered person has the right to withdraw his/her consent of processing his/her personal data at any time by contacting Hiecca Travel in writing
Hiecca Travel does not do any profiling or automatic decisions.

5. Content of the personal data register

Data that Hiecca Travel collects to the customer register are such as: – name
– address
– email address
– phone number
– name of the company
– business ID number
– country of origin
– gender
– invoicing information
– booked services
– other essential details or requests due to the booking and implementing the service, such as food restrictions

6. Sources and retaining of data

Data is being collected from sources such as:

– contact and enrolment forms sent from web page
– emails
– telephone calls
– through social media services
– contracts
– customer meeting situations
– other situations where the customer provides his/her personal data

Personal data is being stored as long as it is necessary for maintaining customer relation, implementing services and lawful obligations (e.g. bookkeeping act)

7. Disclosuring data and transfer of data outside European Union or the European Economic Area

Hiecca Travel may transfer personal data to the third party (e.g. for suppliers providing transportation-, guide-, bank-, restaurant- or seminar/event organizing services or bookkeeping services) if it is necessary for implementing the service. In this case data will be tranfered only that much which is necessary.

Hiecca Travel may transfer personal data outside European Union or European Economic Area in situations where it is necessary due to the implementation of the service. In this case the third party is comitted to act according to the regulations of GDPR data protection law.

Personal data can be provided to authorities on request if the law such insists.

We will never sell your personal data to the third party or provide it to any sales or marketing purposes.

8. Cookies

Cookie is small, usually a text file, that is being saved to the computer of a user that visits a website. It collects information from the user’s computer, such as IP-address, websites visited, browser type, and information from which website the user has come from. Cookies do not collect any personal data and they are not dangerous for the website user.

The user of the website is able to forbit the use of cookies in his/her computer from the computer settings. website is made by WordPress program which may collect cookies.

Hiecca Travel uses Google Analytics service for website monitoring. Its aim is to collect statistical information concerning e.g. amount of website visitors and about the most visited pages.

You can read more information about Google cookie policies:

9. The principles of protecting the customer register data

Hiecca Travel actively implements actions (incl. physical, administrational and digital actions) to protect personal data from disappearing, destruction, abuse, unauthorized access or disclosure.

Personal data of customer register is being saved in digital system which is protected and where user name and password are required. Computers that are used for processing the personal data, their operating systems and programs are being updated regularly, virus and threat protection as well as firewall and web protection are being used.

This customer register is accessible only for authorized personnel to whom handling personal data is part of their work. Possible personal data written in paper is being handled cautiously and it is kept in locked location and disposed properly. web page is being protected by using SSL, Secure Socket Layer (more precisely TLS protocol) connection which means that the connection to the web page and the data sent through it is being protected properly. SSL is widely used encryption method and its fuctions are based in certificates. This way the web page proves to be the one it says it is.

10. User rights

The customer / registered person has the following rights:

  • Right to check his/her own personal data and ask a copy of the data
  • Right to correct false data
  • Right to limit the usage of personal data
  • Right to forbid handling of personal data, e.g. for direct marketing
  • Right to withdraw his/her approval
  • Right to move personal data from system to another
  • Right to be forgotten*
  • Right to make a complaint to local authorities

In case the registered customer wants to check, correct, limit, forbid or withdraw approval of personal data handling he/she can do it on request and in writing, by contacting tuula.mieskonen [at]

*Note, that right to be forgotten can be implemented only if Hiecca Travel has not legal obligation to continue the processing of personal data (e.g. obligations related to bookkeeping act).

11. Updating the privacy policy and acceptance of the terms

Hiecca Travel reserves the right to update the content of this privacy policy at any time. You can find the latest updated version of the privacy policy at the end of this document.

By using website, booking and/or purchasing services from Hiecca Travel or being in contact with us you will accept this privacy policy.

This privacy policy is updated: 04.05.2020.