Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

By booking or buying services from Hiecca Travel Development (hereinafter Hiecca Travel) customer agrees to act according to the terms and conditions mentioned below.


Booking and confirmation

Notice, that as in current practice, trips with a duration of less than 24 hours that do not include accommodation remain beyond the scope of the new Package Travel Act and are such companies not required to lodge a guarantee for these trips.

By booking a tour or experience from Hiecca Travel customer warrants that he/she is at least 18 years of age and that all information you provide is true and accurate. Customer is also responsible for ensuring that he/she meets all foreign entry requirements and that his/her travel documents are in order, incl. passport, visa and possibly required covid-19 test certificate.

After booking a tour or experience from Hiecca Travel, customer will receive a confirmation by email and the contract between you and Hiecca Travel has been made.

Price and services of each tour and experience are described separately in the tour description. Prices for the tours and experiences vary according to the content and duration. Tailormade tours will always be priced separately. Prices and content of the tours and experiences will always be told to the customer before making the purchase decision.

Language used in the tours is English if not agreed otherwise. Customer has a possibility to ask for service for the tour also in other languages. The availability depend on the tour and availability of the host/guide.



If the customer wishes to make changes to the confirmed booking, he/she is kindly asked to send the inquiries by email to contact [at] hiecca.fi. Wished changes can not be guaranteed and they need a written approval from Hiecca Travel.

Hiecca Travel reserves the right to change the timetables or content of the tour or experience if necessary of which it informs the customer without delay. Hiecca Travel has the right to cancel the trip if it is necessary for example due to safety related or other similar situations or conditions.

In case of Force Majeur, Hiecca Travel may cancel the approved contract and then informs the customer without delay. Also customer has the right to cancel the approved tour in such cases. He/she is as well required to inform Hiecca Travel about such situation without delay. If possible, we recommend to postpone the tour.

Force Majeur is always unpredictable situation and prevents the implementation of agreed contract. It happens after making the contract and neither parties of the contract can influence in it. This kind of situation or condition can be e.g. a war, epidemic, particularly strong or exceptional weather condition or command or prohibition given by the authorities. In this kind of situation both parties have to strive and do their best to get to an agreement which causes as small amount of damage as possible to either parties of the contract.


Cancellation and cancellation fee

Customer has to right to cancel the tour or experience any time before the tour. Hiecca Travel reserves the right to charge cancellation fees. The amount and dates of these fees are set due to the services Hiecca Travel has booked from the third party as part of the tour implementation.

8-14 days prior the tour or experience – 60% charge of the tour price
3-7 days prior the tour or experience – 90% charge of the tour price
0-2 days prior the tour or experience – 100% charge of the tour price

Hiecca Travel reserves the right to update the cancellation policy and  cancellation fees if required.

Always inform Hiecca Travel about possible cancellations as soon as possible in writing to contact [at] hiecca.fi.


Travel insurance

Hiecca Travel highly recommends the customer to have a comprehensive travel insurance to cover possible accidents or injuries. Tours always include the risk of accident or injury.


Paying methods

Payment will be implemented through Finnish online bank service or e- invoice that will be sent to customer’s email. The payment needs to be made by the maturity date, usually 2 weeks prior the tour or experience.


Events and seminars, enrolment and cancellation

Hiecca Travel arranges also events and seminars. The event organizer is responsible for not causing any danger for the audience or bystanders by the event.

Enrolment and cancellation terms are provided along the marketing or by latest at the enrolment for the event or seminar. It is possible for the customer to cancel the his/her participation before the event or seminar. Hiecca Travel reserves the right to charge cancellation fees. The amount of the cancellation fee is defined separately according to each event or seminar.



It is important to Hiecca Travel to operate responsibly. It has taken into consideration issues related to safety and health while planning the tours, experiences and organizing events or seminars. Hiecca Travel has made a safety document for the tours required by the law. The document evalutes possible safety risks and anticipation to these risks due to the tours and experiences organized by Hiecca Travel. This document is regularly updated and evaluated.

The safety document for event organizing is being made if the event or seminar causes more than a slight risk for danger or there will be more than 2 000 participants.

Customer needs to familiarize him/herself with the instructions and advices regarding the preparation for the tour especially due to safety and outfit. Customer needs to obey guide’s or host’s safety instructions and advices. Hiecca Travel is not responsible for any injuries, disapperings or damages which are caused by not obeying the given advices or instructions.

Hiecca Travel has a liability insurance that covers damages caused to the customer only in situations where Hiecca Travel is regarded responsible for the injury. The insurance is conducted by the insurance company If (If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ)).

Customer is responsible for his/her personal belongings. Hiecca Travel is not responsible for their possible disappearing or damage. In case the customer breaks, damages or destroys unintentionally or in purpose equipment that have been lend or used due to the trip and it is owned by Hiecca Travel or the third party involved in the tour (service provider or facility), he/she is responsible for paying possible damage.

The customer needs to always be in such condition (physically and mentally) that he/she is capable to participate in the tour or experience. Hiecca Travel reserves the right to deny participation or stop the trip of such customer that is regarded dangerous for him/herself or to others. Participating the tours under the influence of alcohol or drugs or their usage is strictly prohibited.

The customer is responsible to act according to the timetable of the tours and experiences. If he/she does not and causes delay or prevents participation for him-/herself or for others in an activity or tour program, the customer is charged all the caused expences.

If the customer breaks the terms of this document or there will be disagreement of the tour which can not be solved between Hiecca Travel and the customer, these issues will be solved according to the Finnish law.